A soul-stirring Maestro.” - Huffington Post

Matt Venuti is a multi-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter and national touring artist known for his captivating acoustic and electronic instruments, stunning original visuals and enchanting music. Click the video link for dozens of Matt's videos and the music link for over 100 downloads.

Extended bio and details about Matt, his band and instruments HERE.

Matt Performs AmeriCosmos throughout the US. Check out the two video Trailers below

I'm on a mission. will you join me?

"I'm here to create an expansive and entertaining live experience...where the creative flow of evocative music, beautiful sounds and enchanting visuals inspires a sense of awe and a feeling of openness...as well as the realization of our interconnectedness with nature, with others and with love itself.  
-Matt, 2014 

Awe-inspiring and unforgettable” - Music Industry News Network

A demonstration of some of my favorite instruments: